The Southampton Tennis League: Current Singles Round

The Southampton Tennis League: Singles Round 8 
The round runs from Thursday 10th April to Wednesday 4th June 2014
The midway point for 2 bonus points and a FREE set of tennis balls: Wednesday 7th May

Please report your results to: or use the Report your result form on the left.

Please do send match commentaries too - we may quote from them in our emailed round updates and now include them on this page - see the   symbol next to the scores!
To make input easier our end, please use this format when reporting scores: John McEnroe bt Bjorn Borg (Feb 21) 2-6, 6-3, (7-4) - the result in brackets indicates a tie-break final set. Player, (LTA rating), [win/loss/Unfinished] points won

Laura Marimon Giovannetti [W1] 2
Ben Charnley [W1, L1] 2
Andrzej  Walczak 10.1 [L1] 
Andy Hart 8.2
Chris Williams 
Joel Dobie 10.2
Ben Charnley bt Andrzej Walczak (Apr 15) 7-5, 6-2 
Laura Marimon Giovannetti  bt Ben Charnley (Apr 14) 6-3, 6-4

David Russ [W1] 2
Krzysztof  Laburda 10.2 [W1] 2
Mariusz Czarnota 10.2 [L2] 1
Claire Frampton 9.2
Daniel Woods 10.1
Mark Newman 9.1

Krzysztof Laburda bt Mariusz Czarnota (Apr 18)  6-3, 6-1
David Russ bt Mariusz Czarnota (Apr 11) 5-7, 6-3, 6-1 
Ponraj  Ramasubbu 10.2 [W1] 2
Heidi Jenner 
Joe Gould [L1]
Kyle Kratochvila 
Marcello Remedia 10.2
Ponraj Ramasubbu bt Joe Gould (Apr 13)  6-1, 6-3